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Chocolate House | Adult chocolate workshops

If you think you're a chocolate lover (you must be if you're reading this!), then what better way to spend a day with friends or family than to attend a workshop all about chocolate. Here at the chocolate house, we run various chocolate-making workshops, chocolate tasting sessions, and specific workshops and birthday parties for kids.

The purpose of a chocolate-making workshop is to teach people how to make and decorate their very own luxury chocolates. We like to offer a bit about the history of chocolate from bean to bar; we delve into the background and the process of how chocolate is produced. In our case, our workshops focus on chocolate... the history and fun fun fun.

Chocolate from bean to bar | the history

The adult chocolate workshop introduces chocolate, where the cocoa beans are grown, and how chocolate is created. We find that many customers love hearing about the creation of chocolate as it's not something they have thought about before when they indulge in their favourite chocolate bar.

Tasting the good stuff | chocolate

The main aim of our adult workshops is for you to have fun with your friends or family and teach you how to make chocolate. Still, we cannot do this if you do not know much about the taste, so we allocate some time especially for tasting chocolate of various origins. Usually, people don't spend enough time tasting the chocolate they buy because it's gone too quickly.

The fun bit | the hands-on making the good stuff part

So you've come to one of our chocolate workshops to make chocolate; hopefully, you've had some fun before you get to the good bit; this is the part where you get dirty and make 12 luxury handmade chocolate truffles to take home to share with your friends and family. You can decorate these chocolates however you like; we have seen some fun creative concoctions over the years.

You will learn how to fill, cap, hand-roll and hand-dip the chocolate truffles for your desired outcome in a food safety area. Our unique chocolate workshops will have you feeling like a professional chocolatier within hours.

The need to know...

Our adult workshops run each month and are open for anybody over the age of 13. Our adult chocolate workshops are not suitable for people with nut allergies, but please do let us know in advance for other allergies and intolerances.

You can book these chocolate workshops here:

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