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Kitchen Opening Hours 9am - 2:30pm

Toast: Thick cut white or granary bloomer with welsh butter.

 Add jam or marmalade.

Fruit Tea Cake: Toasted with butter on the side.

Bacon Sandwich: Thick cut back bacon and smoked streaky bacon in white or granary bloomer bread.

Sausage Sandwich: Two Cumberland sausages or veggie sausages in white or granary bloomer bread.

Egg on Toast: Two free range eggs (scrambled, poached or fried) on thick cut white or granary bloomer bread.

Cheese on Toast: two slices of thick cut white or granary bloomer topped with mature cheddar cheese (can also be served with vegan cheese).

Full Breakfast: Two thick cut back bacon, one streaky bacon, one fried egg, baked beans, hash brown and one cumberland sausage. Served with white or granary bloomer toast. Optional mushrooms and black pudding to add on for an additional charge. 

Veggie or Vegan Breakfast: Two vegan sausages, fried egg (grilled tomato instead of egg for vegan), mushrooms, hash brown, baked beans. served with white or granary bloomer toast. 


Welsh rarebit: our own recipe with mustard and Worcestershire sauce toasted on a thick granary bloomer, topped with a perfect poached egg and a freshly made salad on the side.

Chicken curry: today's chicken curry served with basmati rice and mango chutney.

Filled jacket potato: choose from baked beans, mature cheese, tuna mayo & sweetcorn, served with a salad garnish.

Sandwiches or toasties: choose from ham, mature cheddar, tuna mayo & sweetcorn. Served in thick cut white or granary bloomer bread with a salad garnish and crisps. Add today's salad selection to your sandwich if you prefer. 

Texan: our own slow-cooked pulled pork topped with mature cheddar cheese, red onion in a brioche bun with mustard mayo or BBQ sauce. Served with today's salad selection. 

Afternoon Tea:

A selection of delicious sandwiches:

Egg Mayo, Ham Salad, Tuna Mayo and Cheese and Pickle

Mini Savoury and crisps

Fresh Fruit

Mini Cheesecake

Mini Custard Slice

Mini fruit scone with jam and clotted cream

Mini Chocolate Brownie

Plenty of Tea or Coffee!



Kid's breakfast: sausage, baked beans, fried egg and toast.

Beans or cheese on toast: one slice of white or granary bread topped with either baked beans or melted cheddar cheese.

Sandwich platter: choose from ham, tuna mayo & sweetcorn, half sandwich with crisps and barney bear cake.

Mini pizza: cheese and tomato 

Hot meals: sausage or fish fingers served with a potato waffle, baked beans or garden peas.

Other portion sizes available for older children. 

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