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What's your guilty pleasure?

Relaxing with friends. Friday evening glass of wine. Reading your favourite book. We've all got plenty of pleasures we'll admit to. But what about those sneaky pleasures we never fess up about? The guilty pleasures – the ones we know we shouldn't do, but we like anyway. Everyone has one.

What's yours?

Do you love to dive into a whole tub of ice cream – with a spoon for one? Do you get a buzz from cheesy 80s pop music? Or are you just a guy who enjoys a quiet night in with a bubble bath and foot spa? There's no judgement here. Sometimes we all need to do the thing we know we shouldn’t. So, what's your guilty pleasure? Here we explore some of the most common (and unusual) guilty pleasures.

1. One more chocolate Isn't this the ultimate guilty pleasure? The one we all share? Who doesn't sneak just one more chocolate from the box? Who's finished at four... or six... or eight chocolates? We know all about it. I mean, it's even better late at night when you creep downstairs and delve into your stash. The remnants of your Christmas chocolates. Don't worry – we're not telling anyone.

2. Procrastinating This one is definitely universal. Everyone prefers to get the job done early. You can relax, knowing your work is complete. And yet, we never do. We waste days and weeks, leaving all the work to the last second. We might moan about it. But secretly, we kind of enjoy it. Even though there's always the deadline panic, it's still a little fun to idle away the day.

3. Reality-TV Sure. You deny your watch to all your friends. But the truth is you're hooked. You like nothing better than a quiet evening, a box of chocolates, and five blissful hours of binge- watching twenty-somethings on Love Island, Made in Chelsea, or the good-old classic I'm A Celebrity. Whatever your reality tv of choice, there's simply no guiltier pleasure. And that just makes it all the more fun.

4. Gossip mags Sometimes, it's so bad, it's good. While it's not quite finishing a tray of chocolates, grabbing a few hours to peruse the latest celeb scandals is definitely a guilty pleasure. And so is chatting about it at work. Who cares that it's probably all made up? It's just fun to escape into the mindless world of gossip and celeb wedding photos for a while.

5. The lie in It's Sunday morning, and nothing is going to get you up. Not even if the clock reads half- past eleven. You're enjoying a cheeky lie-in. It's like being a teenager all over again. Only this time, there are no parents to cajole you out of bed. Just a blissful day under the covers.

We all need a pyjama day and chocolates once in a while.

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