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Chocolate House Launches New Edible Coal: Hand Dipped Chunks of Crunchy Honeycomb.

Welsh chocolate manufacturer Chocolate House has now launched its new product, Sack of Coal. Hand-dipped chunks of honeycomb coated to mimic coal itself.

We are so excited to tell you all about our new product we are launching, it’s a unique product, the sack of coal, which will be available at the Welsh Mining Museum on Friday the 4th of November. Guests of the museum will be able to pick up a sack of coal at the Chocolate House cafe, a unique and tasty souvenir.

Elizabeth Jenkins, Owner of Chocolate House says, "We love working on innovation and are really excited to be able to offer this new product at the Museum."

Elizabeth continues, "I was born and raised in Trehafod and Porth, just a stone's throw away from the Museum, and have many happy memories of visiting the Museum and playing in the Energy Zone Park as a child. My Great Grampa Mainwaring (or Gransha as we called him) worked underground and in the Winding House; he then became the Compensation Secretary for the National Coal Board. His son, my Grampa Mei (Meirion), was a Blacksmith as a young boy and then became a Fitter, fixing all the tools and machinery from underground. Great Grampa Davies worked as a Caretaker here, and his wife, Granny Davies, worked in the Canteen.

The Lewis Merthyr Colliery holds a special place in my family's heart, and I love working here as my family have before me."

"I wanted to create a product that would be unique while also having a connection to the Welsh Mining Museum. The hessian sack it's displayed in is reusable, and the packaging inside is recyclable. There is even a card inside with an interesting fact about this Colliery. It has been in the making for the last six months, and we couldn't be happier. We're hoping our visitors will now be able to take something special with them after their visit." Says Elizabeth.

Some might say it's what you'll get for Christmas if you don't behave!

The Sack of Coal is now available to order online on our website for collection or postage.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth at

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